Save 2 hours a day with Tadam : The virtual secretariat for Pros who want to save time !

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Tadam.app provides you a link for your virtual secretariat in the format yourcompany.tadam.app. You can share it with all your contacts !

1 Interface

Your interface is powered by Tadam.app. Anyone with your URL can access your interface through any web browser.

4 Modules

Your modules allow your clients to book appointments, pay online, drop off documents and send their requests.

How it works ?

3 steps to provide a functional interface

A 45-minute audit by phone or video call

Configuration of the modules by our team

Uploading your Tadam interface online


The interface

A turnkey interface fully customized !

Book appointments

Your clients can access your online calendar and select a time slot for an appointment for a phone call, physical rendez-vous or online meeting, according to your availabilities

Payment online

Get paid through your Tadam interface thanks to our payment tools with adjustable amount

Drop off documents

Receive all types of documents up to 2GB through your virtual mailbox

Request form

Receive your client's requests through a form integrated into your virtual secretariat.

Social networks

Links from your social networks are integrated at the bottom of the page.
Easy to use
Conform to GDPR


Our customers have their say !

Thanks to TADAM.APP, I set up an automated process to manage my appointments. From now on, customers can, without calling our standard, choose the date and time slot for their consultation. Before the appointment, they also have the option of completing an information form and also pays for their online consultation. No need for me to call customers back the day before to confirm the appointment, thanks to TADAM.APP, I have programmed a reminder email.
Rébecca DORSILE - Lawyer


Monthly subscription without engagement + €150 fee for the implementation of the interface.


No engagement

79,90 €month
  • Custom interface
  • Personalized agenda
  • Request form
  • Online payment
  • Drop off documents


No engagement

99,90 €month
  • Custom interface
  • Personalized agenda
  • Request form
  • Online payment
  • Drop off documents
  • Custom module

Contact us

Book a time slot for a 15 minute demo or send us an email at bonjour@tadam.me ⚡️